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Robert Patry

Shihan Robert Patry is the owner and operator of S.M.A. Karate CANADA. He is a 7th Dan Kyoshi in Shotokan and a 5th Dan in Gōjū-Ryū and has over 35 years of martial arts experience and knowledge. Shihan is a certified National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) coach and the Head Coach of the only competitive team in Kingston, Ontario that participates in Provincial and National Karate events.

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Ena Drakich

Joyko Ena Drakich is 4th Dan Joyko in Gōjū-Ryū and a 2nd Dan in Shotokan.  Ena started with S.M.A. Karate CANADA in 2006 and has been training full time and instructing over the last 14 years, three to five days a week.

Shidion Ena is also a successful para-athlete in the competitive division of Ontario Karate Federation (OKF), ranking first in her division in the 2019-2020 year.

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Simone Patry

Sensei Simone started training with SMA Karate CANADA in 2015 and is a 2nd Dan in Shotokan. She is the lead instructor of the Junior Dragon and Beginner Kids programs and is a certified National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) coach.  She coaches the competitive team in Kingston, Ontario that participates in Provincial and National Karate events.

Sharief Saleh

Sharief is a 27-year-old Egyptian martial artist who started his martial arts training from the ripe age of 6, as he practiced Taekwondo, Kong Fu, Ju Jitsu, and Shotokan Karate (2004-2012). He participated in 7 national kumite (sparing) Karate tournaments and was able to achieve multiple medals. He was also a member of the Karate National team. In 2020, Sharief resumed his Shotokan Karate training in SMA Karate and is now a 1st Dan in Shotokan.

Brody Medeiros

Sensei Brody has been training for over eight years and obtained his Black belt in October 2022.  He is a studious student at Holy Cross and participates with the Karate club four days a week assisting, instructing and training.  

Francis Moquin

Senpai Francis started training in karate in his early teens and is now a Brown 1st Stripe. Senpai Francis is an active participant of the S.M.A. Karate school and assists multiple classes through the week. In addition to his karate training and assisting he also trains in the Bo-Justu weapons form.



Coming soon.  Watch out for our junior assistants.

Sifu James Hilchie

Sifu Hilchie first started Kung Fu as a child in Calgary for several years.  When he moved to Kingston he started back into the system in 1995 and since then has become Ed Walkers Senior student. 


Sifu Hilchie currently teaches Classical Kung Fu which includes: Northern     Shao Lin, Yang Tai Chi, Pa Qua, Hsing I, and Chi Kung.  He enjoys teaching martial arts and teaching his students how the body moves and how it can improve balance and control.  He finds martial arts is the best way to exercise.

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